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Internet Marketing includes the use of all internet platforms to promote the visibility of a brand – web, email, mobile. on web but also via e-mail, mobile and other wireless Media. An internet marketing effort helps to place your listings along the different stages of customer engagement cycle through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), banner ads on specific websites, email marketing, mobile advertising or on the increasingly popular advertising platform - social networking sites.

The primary incomes for search engines like Google, Yahoo-MSN is through the ‘sponsored links’ one sees in the results. Sponsored listings are quick to setup and provide high visibility, ensuring quick, controlled and result oriented exposure to the target audience.

A campaign is customized for every product, every target audience and every market. Search Engine Marketing has numerous advantages. It ensures complete transparency with visible demonstrations of results, accountability, great flexibility in management and one-to-one approaches where the marketer’s message reaches the user personally.

A good internet marketing campaign has components of designing and development and involves advertising and sales perspective. We at Matrixe, strongly recommend a result driven approach, where a campaign is designed ground up with client objectives in mind

We Start from Understanding Objectives

Every business’s requirement is unique and varies with its offerings. A local bookstore cannot follow the successful marketing strategies of a big worldwide retail store. Also if there are several product lines to be sold in 10 different countries the positioning mix will vary to suit each product, market and language.

We start with understanding the marketing goals, products and competition. We keep a dynamic view in developing a new campaign. Advertising goals can be broadly categorized into branding or direct response. Branding efforts include introducing a new business, launch of a new product or rebranding. Direct response on the other hand can be a sale, sign up, registration, download or RSS subscribe.

Matrixe tries to establish clearly defined metrics which are aligned towards the client’s business objectives as campaign goals. We at Matrixe have catered to very interesting client requirements.

Campaign Setup –Identifying keywords, match types, creative

In Search Engine Marketing, the sponsored ads can run on two networks - Search and Display. While only text ads can be listed on the Search network (Search Engine Result pages) the Display Network (websites partnered with Google/Yahoo-MSN) allows text ads, image ads, video ads and other rich media ads.

• A new campaign structuring involves identifying the keywords, deciding upon landing pages and also setting initial spend limits to get it started. Once the budgets are defined the keywords are researched. Matrixe uses a slew of tools and manual expertise to ensure the most comprehensive keyword suggestions for every product/service range.

• The task involves ensuring that an ad appears for all the terms which a potential customer might use. The keywords are semantically grouped and aligned to most relevant ad copies. Writing an ad copy thus, accompanies keyword generation.

• It is advisable to have a bespoke reaction (the appearance of an ad) based on customer action (searching for a keyword) for all possible keyword searches. Campaign tracking is set up and tested at this time to ensure that campaign performance data is collected accurately

Optimization Process

Wireframes are used to establish user and information flow and to ensure that the end-result will be true to the requirements The website design is based on brand guidelines and wireframes and aims at achieving high usability.

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