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A stable high ranking search engine position is a long term competitive advantage as it helps you generate volume from the ever growing online marketplace. A sustained increase in search engine rankings is a result of a process, which has the following tasks associated with it. Keywords Analysis, On Page Optimization, competitor analysis, crawl optimization, Link Building, Position reporting and social media targeting.

We are not a digital agency with a search engine marketing team. We are search engine marketeers who promote businesses through the medium of the Internet. We have experienced marketing professionals on board - each one of us has managed many campaigns . We understand the algorithms which sit behind search engines.

Matrixe strongly advocates a customer friendly and ethical approach to Search Engine Optimisation. The team has experience working for large e-commerce websites. This has ensured that there is always a bigger picture in mind while driving towards better rankings. As a result, Matrixe has a fully integrated, cross channel, transparent and ethical approach towards SEO. Coverage and rankings on all important search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo is assured.


Importance of Keywords Ranking

Online studies by Google indicate that over 75% of search engine visitors click on natural results on a search engine.


Intrestigly , By 2020, about 40% of all retail sales are going to happen in an online environment


Our team is very passionate about our SEO knowhow and works hard to keep up with the latest trends in this field.

Capability of Search and Web Analytics

Website analytics is the study of the behaviour of website visitors. Website analytics can be used to determine which aspects of the website work towards business objectives. Matrixe has partnered with a leading analytics solution, which can be made available to its clients at a nominal fee.


At the same time, Matrixe can work with any existing website analytics packages which might exist on the client website. The various reports which are used to make website analytics an effective tool are- Website metrics - Visits, bookings by month/day/hour, Funnel analysis, Visitor Path analysis, Position Tracking, Cross Sell/Upsell analysis and Length of visit


We offers bespoke reporting of its campaigns to enable you to be able to link your SEO spend to its ROI.

Regular Monitoring and Reporting

As the owner of a website, you have to understand the impact of any changes done to the website to its performance on search engines.


Good search engine optimisation campaign involves a multi-faceted approach. It is very important to track all activities to be able to link activities to good performance.


Reporting of search engine ranks and web traffic volume generated is also very important.

Full Transparency - enhancing our trust

We share everything with our clients. Clients have invaluable domain knowledge and client interactions have always helped us optimise the campaigns further. We encourage our clients to delve into our reports. We will always provide various summaries of the data, but can also provide data for individual keywords and actions. We also ask the client if he can provide us some data to help us improve the campaigns further.

Why Matrixe?

Matrixe is a young and growing company. We realise a few things about our business. we need to be very good at what we do to grow and retain our clients. We are very open about all that we are doing on a client account to show a clearly attributable result.


We believe that the return has to be linked back to the bottom line, which is why we spend a lot of time understanding the client business and then designing metrics which link the online campaigns to the overall business goals.

Matrixe has a flexible approach. You can choose to capture data using your existing systems or use Matrixe's in-house web analytics tool for this purpose. The reporting requirements are defined based on your business requirements. Search Marketing Expertise, Full transparency and Scorecard approach our keys of success.


We are in the business of building long term online marketing partnerships. We focus on increasing your ROI and believe this should be at the core of any online marketing plan.

What makes our SEO services different?

Our engineering background allows us to bring a more logical approach to SEO and digital marketing

We create bespoke SEO strategies built around your business needs

We are easily accessible, no long call queues or gate keepers to get past

We deliver a sound search engine optimization strategy which is then implemented to deliver results. The various services which can form part of this delivery include:

Link Population -Links from other websites are crucial in driving search engine rankings as well as for extending your brand presence on the internet. The internal link building teams work very closely with the SEO consultants to ensure that links to your website grow consistently and with the right keywords attached to them.

Content optimisation - Website content is delivered using a mix of delivery systems & HTML files, CMS, Database results, user generated content, syndicated feeds. Search engines are content hungry and it is important to ensure that all such content is available to a search engine. This is done by using page building tools and URL translation, which helps increase the relevancy of the website, as more and more pages of your website get indexed by the search engines.

Microsite creation- Even if your web interface is not SEO friendly, We can help you get search engine rankings. Microsites can be built using sound SEO principles and content from your website. Such content is therefore available to search engines, unlike earlier. These Microsites become valuable web assets, which become a source of free search engine traffic because of good rankings on search engines



Client Reviews


Don't take our term for it, see what our client say about us.



“We are very happy now with our new website! Thank you so much for making my Visions happen! Every Visitor I spoke given my Compliments for, and it matches the rest of my business perfectly! Not only that, but I also love that after just a few weeks in business, I already show up on the first page of a Google search! Thanks so much for a perfect German - Indian Service, I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks! Thank you,;

? Gaston Bachelard

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